yoga Ladies ...

in the Moon's House

For the Awakening of Women
Because Prevention isThe Key to Our Ben-Being

every Wednesday  at 6.30 pm ...

🌺Fire, candles, a large altar always different depending on the theme of the lesson, different healing drums, aromatherapy... 
a very simple yoga in the positions but at the same time very deep and invigorating🙏 ... you will be practicing different breathing techniques that you can use in your daily life, we will sing sacred female mantras to free our hidden feelings.. I will can sound the healing tuning fork to harmonize your energy and help the energy blocks to melt, I will play the shamanic drum to help your body to vibrate and recharge ... you will also try the carnatic song, a typical healing instrument that can dissolve every knot with our ancestors ... You will work with the Chakras to allow your hormonal system to be perfect and stay healthy ... You will work with the pelvic floor in order to reactivate it and rehabilitate

it is a yoga that will help you to connect with the your feminine power ... It will help you to connect you with the lunar rhythms 🌛🌕🌜 that are necessary for us women for our hormonal and emotional balance ...My lesson lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes ... 
Come and try it .. and you'll fall in love too ...💖

Nothing complex is a medical yoga that works at the hormonal level

to keep the body healthy or to help it reestablish it

The lesson is accompanied at some moments by the Shamanic and / or Ocean Drum
Color Therapy
Respiratory Techniques
Reflexology Plantar
Energy Balancing
Yoga Lunar Woman
Pelvic floor re-activation
Reactivation with Shamanic Drum
All perfectly mixed for
      Let my body finally be awakened,
The awakening of the sleeping woman
Allowing you to keep you healthy and
Increase Your Good-Being ....

The benefits shown by our Yoga woman
Depending on your age are:
* Elimination of hot flashes and of any typical menopausal symptomatology
* Reduction to the elimination of premenstrual syndrome ....
Regularization of the menstrual cycle
* Reduced stress
* Improvement of blood circulation, elimination of swelling, hemorrhoids ...
* Restoration of the vaginal ph .. cystic, candida prevention ...
* Reactivation and Rehabilitation of Pelvic Floor
* Rebalance of the Women's Power Centers
* Relief to joints, back, muscle extension ...
* Reinforcement of the immune system
* Preparing for childbirth
* General wellbeing
This and a lot more in our YOGA WOMEN meetings
Why prevention makes a difference !!!!

Because the classic benefits of yoga add to the millennial benefits of an instrument
 Healing, a power tool ... to leave you in total well-being.
The drum is connected to the Earth element and with its vibrations we immerse ourselves
In a Sound Bathroom whose origins and benefits are lost in the Night of the Times ...
From a Scientific point of view its vibrations
* Increase alpha and theta brain waves
* Its vibrations penetrate deep into the body by re-oxygenating and reactivating every single cell
* Increase the vital energy of the body by giving the rebalancing and healing needed
* Give emotional relaxation
* Awaken their self-healing potential
So at each meeting you will be given a different experience ...

Pregnant women all ready? 
in March the course of Carnatic Song will start ... 12 lessons to prepare body and mind at the Big event ... 
watch the video and contact me to book, the places are limited ... 

Single lesson from 45 minutes 15 euros

* Monthly: 45 euros

is a specific course for children featured on the game and on healthy movement.
Provides meditation songs for children, dances free to drum beat, tools to use and experience in movement, asana created on stories to imitate ...


* Improves concentration
* helps to express emotions
* gives strength, elasticity. equilibrium
* gives consciousness to your body
* calm, calms down
* gives an awareness of the breath
* allows freedom of self



"If we were to meditate every eight-year-old child, we would be able to eliminate violence in the world within a generation. "(Dalai Lama)

 Moon To Moon & Aiuto saro'Mamma 

ITALY :  Roma : Dottoressa Serena Anzilotti           


IRELAND : Mount Carmel  Lodge -  Latton -  A75 HF40  


                           Phone: 0834000999

                   on the gps write Moon to moon


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Dott.ssa Serena Anzilotti

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