INFERTILITY ... In over 15 years of work I accompanied, supported, I helped hundreds of couples with difficulties in conception, many couples who had also resorted to artificial insemination without being successful ... I met couples who were in debt to entrust the their fertilization to professors "illustrious" but nothing ...

I studied the subject in a meticulous way, I never gave up in front of the diagnosis "infertility" because the causes can be endless and sometimes are enough small changes in lifestyle, erase wrong habits , help with natural supplements, purify the energy channels, reactivate the hormone flow, connect to your body ... Connecting to your body is perhaps the most frequent cause ... for the speed of everyday life the body forgets, it drags, it exasperates itself, it leads to exhaustion ... especially if after tens of analyzes they tell you "Madam her body does not it works "" I'm sorry his spermiogramma shows a

reduced motility "... the guilt feelings towards his / her partner, the shame, the thousand questions that pass you by the head ... you start to think about what wrong you could have done in past years, you blame yourself for those actions that maybe today they are not the cause ... and you move more and more from your body, you are ashamed of him, you take a thousand faults ... then it is important to be helped to reconnect to Divine energy, to its own power, to the opening of one's own emotions ... to start working first of all for oneself, to restart one's body is the winning key ... Every trial to be overcome helps us to go out, to always discover something more 'of us, often we needed to meet before helping another Being to be on this Earth ... this makes the difference in a path of "infertility" ... .. I have hundreds of families that I can testify ... many even after 2 months have come back to me with the positive pregnancy test ... I study the couple in depth, I study habits, shares, I investigate all of them even what may seem trivial or useless, I analyze in detail all the dozens of analyzes and investigations, the help to connect to their energy, to accept it, to love it ... ... everything helps me to formulate a suitable and winning diagnostic path ..

Now I proudly embarked on this accompaniment here in Ireland too ... I have 8 couples that I am supporting, couples who are amazed by this kind of advice, who feel reborn, who have come back to love their body and who can finally reopen their channels for the transport of a new Soul from the other world to our ... This is one of the many services you can find here in Moon to Moon ... I wait for you .

read the story of Paola ...

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