Let's discover together: Pure Colloidal Silver ...

Do you know pure colloidal silver? Do you know that it is one of the most ancient and powerful natural antibiotics?

It is a very old substance used for several centuries as a therapeutic remedy for many diseases. Its properties consist of a great bactericidal, antifungal, antiviral force and the ability to reactivate the tissue metabolism. Pure colloidal silver is used in the medical field as an alternative remedy to the antibiotic, thanks to its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and disinfectant capabilities. The biomedical experience and in-depth medical research on the properties of this colloidal metal have shown that in the presence, even if only of a small silver particle, no micro pathogenic organism (fungi, bacteria and viruses) can survive. Colloidal silver is a powerful killer of viruses and bacteria: over 650 harmful organisms have been tested live, and defeated by silver.

Research has shown that pure colloidal silver also has success against resistant strains, in fact, while many viruses and bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics, pure colloidal silver is also effective against them. When the positive ions of silver meet harmful anaerobic organisms like unicellular bacteria and fungi, they bind to their cell wall. The silver ions enter the harmful organism and, once inside, interrupt the cellular function and neutralize the harmful organism. Silver interrupts cellular respiration, and influences enzymes in their environment to make it impossible for pests to thrive. On viruses it affects a little differently, oxidizing the virus and reducing its function making it inert and not harmful. Pure colloidal silver can be introduced into the body in various ways: ingestion, gargling, inhalation, nebulization, local application, in enemas or vaginal lavages ... Ask your Holistic health Practioner how to use it ... The continued intake of antibiotics weakens the intestinal bacterial flora, the colloidal silver absolutely NO. It 'a very useful product to have at home for the most common disorders but also in emergency situations, we see some domestic uses ....

It is used successfully in cases of rashes such as rashes, dermatitis and psoriasis or infections such as mycosis of the nails or warts. In these cases it is possible to choose to apply a few drops of colloidal silver on the area affected by the problem, leaving it to act for a few minutes or making compresses. In the case of otitis or cold, some drops of silver directly into the ears or nose help to blur, disinfect and thus speed up healing. In case of a sore throat or inflammation of the teeth and gums, colloidal silver can be used to make gargling. Its antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal properties make it a remedy particularly suitable for combating and eliminating candida and cystitis. In the autumn-winter season it is possible to take preventive measures to increase the defenses and at the same time fight the first seasonal illnesses. In addition to disinfecting, it also stimulates the production of new cells and therefore allows faster healing. It can therefore be used to heal wounds and burns faster. It is also very useful for our pets, for our plants, for our garden ...

there are really many uses besides the need to have it at home ... It has no contraindications and there are no cases of toxicity for solutions, pure colloidal silver.

When we speak of colloidal silver we refer to positive ionic silver particles suspended in a pure liquid. It would be the charge of these particles to be active against bacteria and viruses.

On the market there are products whose silver concentration goes from 5 to 20 ppm, the most recommended and used is 10 ppm. Find out more information by booking a consultation ... I'll wait for you ...

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