Even when the son is late in coming ... the Holistic Midwife can help you in conception ...

I met Serena several years ago at a course she organized on the management of the 9 months. Yes, I'm a midwife too, but what I learned in those three days was much more than three years spent at university. It was an illumination, a ray of sunshine in a somewhat dark professional period. Knowing that you can be with a woman leaving out a drip, company protocols and more for me was a novelty. After the silence for a few years, I lived outside and organize myself among a thousand commitments was difficult. Then the need, a pregnancy that did not arrive, we were already in the tunnel of a thousand checks to be done and a surgery already planned for me.

I gave myself a chance by remembering exactly that lighting that Serena had given me years ago. I made an appointment, I remember perfectly that it was a Saturday night (sorry again ...). We did not know what to expect, but I was convinced that there would be the turning point. It 'been a river of emotions, began with Serena our rebirth between bach flowers and homeopathic remedies. Five months have passed since that visit to the positive pregnancy test. And how could I not choose it for the whole journey of birth and for the most beautiful event of our whole life ?! And so it was. Being obstetrician for me has passed into

second floor and trust and trust Serena was simple and fundamental. It was a growing together, for all the nine months until the call, strictly nocturnal. The birth of Giulio was magical. I would go through those waves millions of times, knowing I could have a midwife like this. With her I became a different woman, a competent mother and certainly a new midwife. A simple thank you would not be enough to encompass all the emotions that gave us the opportunity to live. P.S. Paolo's nightmare will you take him for a while ...

 Moon To Moon - Woman Care

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