I am the only therapist in all of Ireland

to perform moxibustion ...

Take advantage of this magnificent opportunity ...

I have a career of over 15 years of experience in the field ...

The treatment to allow healing requires

at least 3 treatments ...

after the 1st treatment you will already feel improvements

Are you afraid of needles?
Do you want an effective therapy like acupuncture but less invasive? Traditional Chinese medicine has many options including moxibustion ... it is perfect for children, men, women of all ages ..
You can request this magical treatment that will see the application of crystals and moxibustion in different points of your body depending on the inconvenience presented to solve ...
👩‍⚕️HORMONAL IMBALANCES (during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause,, 👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️menopause and postmenopause) 
👩‍⚕️INFERTILITY woman & man
👩‍⚕️SEXUAL Problem 
👩‍⚕️and much more 
. write me your discomfort and we will find together the right treatment for you !!! ! 📞
I wait for you!
Do you have an irregular menstrual cycle ? 
Do you have a painful menstrual cycle ?
Do you have problems with ovulation ? 
Do you have PMS ?
Book a Consultation...,📞 and with me Private Holistic Midwife , we will find the most suitable treatment for your discomfort ... I wait for you !!!, Good day here from Moon to Moon ... 🌞


 Moon To Moon - Woman Care

Aiuto sarò Mamma 

       Mount Carmel  Lodge -  Latton -  A75 HF40  

                  on the gps write Moon to moon


                          Ireland  0834000999

                           Italy  331.4068887



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