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Crystal healing Practitioner

°Reiki 1 & 2 level

•Angelic Healing Practitioner

•Reflexology Practitioner

•Flower Massages Therapist

•Lady Moxibustion Practitioner

•Lady Hatha Yoga Instructor

•Prenatal Massages Therapist

•Baby massages Therapist

•Ayurvedic Massages Therapist

•Healing Tunings Forks Massage

•Chakra Balancer Practitioner

Join 10.000 of my students
around the world who,
like you, prefer the Energetic Healing Therapy. I'm specialise in training  Doctors, Midwifes, Nurses, Psychologists, Holistic Health Practitioner...  
Crystal healing Practitioner
Angelic Healing Practitioner
Reiki 1 & 2 Level
Lady Moxibustion Practitioner
Reflexology Practitioner
Flower Massages Therapist
Lady Hatha yoga Instructor
Prenatal Massages Therapist
Baby Massages Therapist
Healing Tuning Forks therapist
Chakra Balance Therapist
Ayurvedic Massages Therapist

 Moon To Moon & Aiuto saro'Mamma 

ITALY :  Roma : Dottoressa Serena Anzilotti           


IRELAND : Mount Carmel  Lodge -  Latton -  A75 HF40  


                           Phone: 0834000999

                   on the gps write Moon to moon


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* 331.406.888.7 Italia 
*0834000999 Ireland 
Dott.ssa Serena Anzilotti

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