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Crystal Healing Practitioner

Online Diploma course 

Discounted price

49 euros.

Make your passion, your job!

In this course you will learn 8 different healing techniques, plus Clearing a headache, Clearing negative energy, Releasing stress, Peaceful sleep, the most famous and important  Chakras Balance with Crystal , First steps for every healing, how prepare you and your treatment room, how to  welcome your clients, how create a clearing and protective shield around you, how make a divination, how to connect to the Crystal Grid.  This course consists of 14 modules and the Accredited Diploma, so you will be Femal crystal therapist and you will earn money helping others as well.


I can't wait to support you and watch you shine as you change your life and become a qualified therapist.               Join 10.000 of my students around the world who, like you, prefer the energetic healing therapy. I'm specialise in training  doctors, midwifes, Holistic Health practitioner...   This course  normally is 865 euros, however until 1th February 2019, you can get it at a special price out only 49 euros.                    Read the complete program..
This is a diploma course accredited directly by Moon to Moon Education and Training holistic 

10 thousand students all over the world ... Doctors, Midwives, Nurses, Psychologists, Holistic practitioners ...


You can attend it when you want ..

you will have access to the course at any time,

you can finish it according to your time ...

made the payment you will receive the password and the link to access the 14 modules,

so you will become a Qualified Therapist ...

and you can put your advertising on our portals,

website, fbk, instagram ...

you will be immediately visible to thousands of

potential customers ...

the offer will end on February 1st ..

and the price of the course will be € 865.



       I introduce myself

      What is Crystal Healing Therapy ???

      The history of Crystal Healing


2° modul

  • Gemstones

  • 3different categories

  • DIFFERENT CRYSTAL FORMATIONS :  let's find out more in detail ...                                                                                                                        let's learn what they are for and learn how to use them , how to advise them                                                                                                         and their healing aspects.

  • rough,

  • polished,

  • clusters,

  • geodes,

  • slices  

  • eggs,

  •  spheres

  • pyramids,

  • single terminated or double terminated.


3_ modul _:

  • If this will be the first time you use the healing crystals .. practical exercise

  • let's get to know the basic crystals ...

  • Fluorite

  • Citrine

  • Tourmaline Black

  • Hematite

  • Amethyst


  • Rose quartz

  • how to program a crystal ...

  • practical work to experience the power of a crystal

  • the crystal you can wear it ...

  • Place healing crystals on a specific part of the body. .

  • Meditate with them. 

  • Use a healing crystal grid. 

  • Sleep near them. 


4 modul

  • Crystal Fairy

  • The Crystal Grid of the Earth

  • How to Connect with the Crystalline Grid … exercise …


5 modul_:

  • Energy in healing.


  • The Chakra System …

  • The Colours

  • The Energy of the colours

  • colour vibration

  • Energy centers in the body

  • guide the 10 colors, discover in detail what they do, how they work and what their healing power is ...


6 modul

  • Deciding which Type of Crystal To Use

  •  Chakra Balancing Healing

  • How to do a divination

  • Chakra Stones : White stones, Brown stones, Red stones, Orange stones

  • Clear quartz

  • Moonstone

  • Selenite

  • Tiger’s Eye, , Smoky quartz

  • Ruby, Garnet, Jasper

  • Sunstone, Aragonite


7 modul

  • the most important crystals  for crystal therapy treatments ...

  • Amber, Sulphur, Mookaite

  • Jade, Emerald, Malachite, Aventurine

  • Sapphire, Sodalite, Angelite, Agate

  • Kyanite, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli

  • Amethyst, Iolite, Sugilite

  • Tourmaline, Obsidian

  • Rose Quartz, Morganite, Rhodonite


8 modul

  • Crystals You Will Need For Your  8 Healing Techniques


9 modul

  • First Step for every Healing…

  • How Prepare You

  • Welcome the client

  • How create a clearing and a protective shield of white light

  • How to connect to the crystal grid


10 & 11 modul :

  • 8 Different Crystal Healings that You Can Offer

  • learn how to carry them out in detail


12 modul:

  • Crystal Healing Chakra Balancing treatment


13 modul:

        Basic Ailment Crystal Kit and Treatment List

  • Clearing a Headache

  • To Energize The Body

  • Clearing Negative Energy

  • Releasing Stress

  • Peaceful sleep

  • After The Healing

  • How grounding your client


14  modul:

Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals


Your diploma



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